Entrepreneurship Development Programs

Entrepreneurship Development Programs - EDP’S

We propose to be a service provider for financial inclusion. Apart from counselling methods,we impart knowledge through seminars, workshops, exhibitions &class room sessions. We organise sessions on the importance of credit counselling and government schemes available tofarmers, rural folks&entrepreneurs seeking guidance to setup their own enterprises. Some of the schemes of social security measures, insurance, housing, and education are also discussed as a knowledge session.

Our Common Services Centers (CSCs) are the access points for delivery of various egovernance and business services to the community in remote, rural and semi-urban areas. The Search Foundation mandate is to have a socially, financially and digitally inclusive society.

Digital Financial Services

Digital Financial Services (Cash Remittances Service)

Digital financial inclusion refers to digital access to and use of formal financial services by excluded and marginalised sections of society. To serve this purpose, the services introduced are known as Digital Financial Services (DFS). These are designed to suit customers’ needs and are delivered responsibly at a cost which is both affordable to customers and sustainable for providers. There are three key components of any such digital financial services: a digital transactional platform, retail agents, and the use by customers and agents of a device, usually a mobile phone, to transact via the platform.

It’s a means by which unbanked population is increasingly gaining access to financial services through digital channels. Banks, microfinance institutions, mobile operators, and third party providers are leveraging mobile phones, point-of-sale devices, along with networks of small-scale agents, to offer basic financial services at greater convenience, scale and lower cost than traditional banking allows.

Our Future Plans

Our Future Plans

Our portal will be an online, technology driven platform. Some of the flagship programmes of the government, once announced will be available on our portal as information. We are in a transitory phase of digital economy. Addressing the needs of low income groups is the order of the day. Anumber of apps are also available related to various schemes.

Successful people have a social responsibility to make the world a better place and not just take from it.

— Carrie Underwood

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